Wendy L Morrison Owner/ ArtLink BC
Graphic Artist/ Market Researcher /Designer

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 ArtLink Inc. was founded in 1983 by Wendy L Morrison as a national marketing agency for the arts.  In 1985  ArtLink Inc. evolved to provide logo design, graphic arts and marketing services to many business from Husky Oil, Calgary Magazine to smaller retailers in Calgary. ArtLink Inc. has an extensive portfolio of past works and corporate branding campaigns that were provided for clients. Wendy L Morrison has won gold in Canada and bronze internationally for her graphic designs.

After studying Graphic Arts at the Alberta College of Art and later working at Friesen Printers in Calgary, ArtLink Inc. continued to provide graphic art services  for over 20  years, producing the National Ceramic arts magazine, titled Contact Magazine, for 8 consecutive years, I have designed and published several books, my first being the TNT Cookbook, a nutritional snacks recipe book. Other books I have designed  including: the Centre of  The World by poet Murdock Burnett, and the Heartland Cookbook, which won gold in Alberta and bronze internationally for design and production. As a service of ArtLink, I have  provided logo designs and corporate branding, promotions, print advertising, and complete marketing strategies for a broad range of clients from Husky Oil to small retailers and arts groups.ß

ArtLink Inc. initailly set out to promote established artists who made large scale public works of art; Sculpture, Murals, Stained Glass, or Fiber artwork for public spaces. Atlink’s objective was to place public works of art in the streets of Calgary where people could interact with the art and assist artists to market their large scale works of art.

While living out at our organic ranch and tourism business in Spruce View, Alberta I was  hired as a business consultant for the Alberta Government, helping new businesses set up and effectively market their new business. With extensive market research and planning, I helped hundreds of clients set up and run their businesses successfully in central Alberta. We sold our 157 acre organic farm in 2014 and moved to the beautiful town of Rossland. I moved to the West Kootenay’s for a position as Basin Business Advisor, for Columbia Basin Trust. I have now been working as the Basin Business Advisor for 6 years and very much enjoy working with the Kootenay’s businesses!

ArtLink BC is now providing graphic arts design for: memorable advertising layout, effective messaging, and ad agency services like media recommendations based on target market analysis.

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