Hand Crafted Jewellery

 Wendy L Morrison and Ronald Halliday create custom, handmade, original designed jewellery, made here in the west Kootenays, BC, Canada. Artists’ Ron  and Wendy  have been metal-smiths for over 35  years and have extensively trained in the media.  They create original, high end jewelry working with precious and semi precious gemstones. We have a very good selection of jewellery here in our studios or we can custom design a new piece just for you. They enjoy the redesigning of old jewelry pieces into a new piece with contemporary designs in silver or gold. We welcome a phone call or email to design a special piece for your of your loved one.

People ask why handmade jewelry is more expensive. The difference between handcrafted silver jewelry and production jewellery is vastly different. These two videos give you an idea. Handcrafted is time consuming, hand worked, with hours and hours of craftsmanship into each piece and years of training. A one of a kind art piece… not thousands made as in production jewelry.

Metalsmith Jewellery compared to Production Jewellery

Metalsmith Jewellery

Production Jewellery

Artistic Jewellery Pieces created by Wendy L Morrison:

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